1. Q How do I make a claim?
A Simply phone us on 0800 456 254.

2. Q How do I pay?
A You can pay by credit card, cash cheque or direct credit.
To pay via direct debit please use the account details below, and note your client reference number in the reference field.
Name of Payee: Classic Cover Insurance
New Westpac account number: 03-0252-0008172-25


3. Q. What if I have had a previous conviction – will you insure my vehicle?
A Yes, we may still consider insuring your vehicle depending on the nature of the conviction, talk to us about it.

4. Q Is my car insured on the road if I have Storage and Restoration cover?
A No, there is no cover if the vehicle is moving under its own power.

5. Q I have a rally car is it insured during road stages?
A Yes there is cover for your vehicle where it is being used in compliance with the transport act 1962, and any subsequent amendments, on any public road during any touring stage of any motorsport event. No cover will apply during special or speed stages.

6. Q I would like to take my vehicle on the track – will I still be covered?
A There is no cover if your vehicle is driven on a race track whether in the presence of other vehicles or not, unless as part of an organised non-competitive training program and accompanied at all times by a suitably qualified instructor.

7. Q If I sell my vehicle can I get a refund for my unused premium?
A Yes we pro-rata your premium and refund the unused portion, less a small documentation fee.

8. Q If my vehicle is involved in a total loss claim – can I buy the car back?
A Yes you have first right of refusal on the wreck.

9. Q If I have a cracked windscreen, who can I take it to for repair or replacement?
A Phone 0800 456 254 and one of our team will assist you.

10. Q Can my under 25 son or daughter drive the vehicle?
A We will consider drivers under 25, depending on the circumstances, contact us to discuss.

11. Q Is my car covered anywhere in NZ?
A Yes.

12. Q How do I make an urgent after hours claim?
A Simply phone 0800 456 254 to speak to one of our team.

13. Q Can I pay monthly?
A Yes, please phone or email us for details.

14. Q Do I need a valuation, if so who can I talk to?
A In some cases, when a vehicle is difficult to establish a value or we cannot agree on one, we may ask for an independent valuation. We can recommend valuers in your area.


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