Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I have an Agreed Value Policy, what do I get paid in a total loss?
A.  If it is a classic car policy ( vehicle 26 years old and older )  with the new Agreed value Addendum, then you will get paid the agreed value written on the schedule.

Q. If I have a late model vehicle ( vehicle 26 years old and newer ) what do I get paid in a total loss?
A. Our existing policy wording is in place on late model vehicles , so the maximum amount we will pay will be the agreed value shown on the schedule unless it is found to be 20% above market value in which case we will only pay the market value.  This means it is very import that the Sum Insured value of the vehicle is realistic and we advise that this be reviewed annually on late model vehicles as they tend to depreciate over time.   

Q.  What do you mean you have removed mileage limits ?
A.   The  original policy wording reads:  There is No cover if your vehicle is being used in excess of 3,000 Miles or 5,000 Kms on an annual basis unless description of use has been varied and this variation is noted on the schedule. This clause has been removed, so now we will ask you what mileage you expect to do each year, and we will rate your premium accordingly, but there is no restriction or limit to the mileage you want to do.

Q.  Can I drive my Classic car or Hot Rod  to work each day?
A.  Yes you can use it for every day use if you wish.

Q.  I use my car for work to go to the occasional meeting etc, is this OK?
A.   Yes you can use your vehicle for Business use provided it is not used for commercial use, a taxi, courier, or goods service vehicle.

Q. Can you insure my late model  BMW and my Wife’s Audi?
A.  Yes Classic Cover can now insure your prestige and performance vehicles such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, HSV, FPV, Camaro, Mustang , Challenger, Lamborghini, Ferrari  etc,  Give us a call and lets see what we can do.

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